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Audio Note M8 Phono Preamplifier


- €

Fabulous M8 Phone preamplifier in very good condition both aesthetically  and functionally. If you love the Audio Note rich, refined and spatially detailed sound you can find full satisfaction in such preamplifier.

The M8 Phono Pre Amplifier features an 6189 and 6463 line stage, and uses a 6X5 valve rectified power supply based on the M10‟s Galahad PSU. Audio Note (UK) Silver wiring, tantalum resistors, SILMIC filter capacitors and Audio Note (UK) silver foil signal capacitors are used throughout the circuit, along with in-house designed and manufactured, custom Audio Note (UK) output transformers, which feature a HiB 50% nickel c-core, silver primary and a silver secondary. The M8 also has a correctly designed and implemented balanced output circuit. Additionally, it features an exceptionally fine Moving Magnet phonostage which uses three 5670 valves, Audio Note (UK) copper foil signal capacitors and pure silver wiring and its own dedicated, valve regulated and rectified power supply

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