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Nothing but excellence.

Each device from Angstrom Audio is one of a kind, manufactured with the care that is usually reserved for a work of art. From the simplest integrated stereo amplifier of the Stella series, up to the behemoth and exclusive Quantum series, the wiring of each piece is in full view, and realized in strict compliance with the design specifications of Roberto Garlaschi.

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Relentless development for state of the art loudspeakers. Handmade drivers are just one of the distinctive features of Marco Serri Design production. Everything is designed to achieve no compromise performances, both sonically and aesthetically.  The statement Colosseum speakers, with its 300 kg weight each, are the expression of the designer's limitless mindset .


Industrial design and engineered materials meet at Aria Materia Technology. Love for architecture shapes the design of the extraordinary stands for audio equipment. Deep study on dumping materials led to the development of high performance compound, extensively used in all Aria Materia products.

Cableless connection solutions are the result of long time experience and several patents. If you're reading this you most certainly know that wires can make the difference. Uncountable number of hours in listening sessions refined the technical choices in developing outstanding wiring solutions with a distinctive sound improvement.

After a long time of his life, the classic turntable sees a new concept of sense. An idea of the turntable among technical evolution that re-think the way how the resonance and vibrations affect the sound. Mezzoforte Audio researches accomplished a technology based on controlled magnetism that allowed the plate to be isolated from the rest of the structure, subsequently benefits from a wonderfully resonance-free between the two parts of the elements.

Spirit is the Italian hi-end headphones brand that provides those who love music and excellence with an extraordinarily natural and refined listening experience, with the closest dynamics to a live concert. 
Born from many years of experience by Andrea Ricci, a well-respected engineer in the field, Spirit headphones radically innovate on the most advanced models already on the market, both from a technological point of view (specifically the “Twin-Pulse Isobaric System®” proprietary, in-house technology) and of the acoustic performance.

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