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About us

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Distretto Audio is at its core a synergistic journey, set out to gather sound artisans in pursuit of a quintessential auditory bliss. A  typically Italian sense for aesthetic, technical ingenuity and sheer passion for music are embodied by the brands meeting at Distretto Audio (Audio district).


Such an ambitious mission is here built on little known gems that deserve nonetheless to be acknowledged as world-class and certainly to be brought to the attention of a broader audience. As oft happens with smaller “boutique” companies driven by passion for technical and aesthetic excellence, growth and self promotion are not at the top of the list, hence the idea to support these outstanding enterprises to gain recognition.


In its quest to achieve superior sound quality, Distretto Audio combines the above mentioned virtues by selecting a single representative for each audio category (i.e. amplifiers, speakers, etc.). While this may be perceived as restrictive by some, and certainly countercurrent, it is at the same time providing the best set up for the individual strengths of these products to shine.


The first Distretto Audio showroom opened in Brescia northern Italy in 2018. Clients looking for the very best of audio outside of the well trodden path of “mainstream high-end", find at Distretto Audio a truly authentic and distinctive alternative. You are very welcome to experience first hand our proposition.

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