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Audio Research Reference CD7


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The Reference CD7 uses tried-and-true technology from the vaults of the Audio Research brain trust: seven 6H30 triode tubes, a gain stage taken directly from the very successful REF3 preamp, a Crystal 24-bit DAC, a Philips CD-Pro2 transport mechanism, and capacitors developed especially for ARC's Reference line. In other words, all of the ARC goodies are in there. In fact, those who follow ARC lore should note that the CD7 is the first CD player to earn the company's Reference designation, heretofore worn only by amplifying component, In short, the Reference CD7 is ARC's statement CD player.

The Reference CD7 is in very good condition both esthetically and functionally, except for a little scratch on one side (see picture).
Complete with original packaging, remote control and manuals.

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