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Audioaéro Capitole Classic CD Player SE



This is the Signature Edition of the well regarded Audioaéro Capitole Classic CD Player, it is in good condition and perfectly working order.

It adopts a Philips CDPRO2 aluminum mechanics suspended on rubber elements, D / A conversion up to 24 bit / 192 kHz via a double Burr Brown 1792 and analog tube output stage

For digital processing they use their own STARS2 and I quote: “A combination of very high speed (192 kHz) re-sampling, 24-bit re-cantilazation and signal enhancement techniques (extraction from 'hidden' information from 16-bit data especially developed for Audio Aero). The core of the system is a 32-bit SHARC DSP which, by performing hundred of millions of calculations per second, rebuilds a high precision 192 kHz signal, independent from the input clock and keeping total dynamic range in all stages. Then, after a 1024 times up-sampling on demand, D/A conversion is performed at 5.144 Hz by a high performance Burr-Brown 24-bit/ 192 kHz digital to analog converter.”

Complete with original packaging and remote control.

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