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Garrard 401 - Ariamateria Plinth



We're proud to present the Garrad 401 project by Distretto Audio.

Distretto Audio is the distributor for the Aria Materia products.

The distinctive technology used by Aria Materia is a specific compound made of real stone and resin with amazing damping and aesthetic characteristics.

So why not to use such technology for realizing an high end plinth for the legendary turntable Garrad 401?

There where different possibilities in the selection of the tonearm and cartridge.

We narrowed down the choice to the top of the line Ortofon tonearm RS-309D, and the outstanding Ortofon SPU Silver Meister GM 2 cartridge

The Garrat 401 was provided by Audio Grail.

Audio Grail is committed to authentic restorations of Garrard 301 and 4011 turntables. In total close to 120 years of professional experience is brought to bare on each of their restored Garrard units. Actually it was like having a brand new, or even better, Garrard 401. Audio Grail made a wonderful job.

The rational behind the choice of the tonearm and cartridge was based on tradition and performance.

The SPU Meister Silver GM MkII has been outfitted with high purity multi-conductor 6–nines Silver wire for a more open and revealing high-end presentation.

The Nude Elliptical stylus tip mass has been decreased by a factor of more than 50%,resulting in increased tracking ability and reproduction of dynamic detail.

About the Plinth we realized a double chassis concept.

The upper deck is hosting the turntable and it’s made of an iron frame filled with Aria Materia compound. Basalt stone and resin.

Such deck is floating on the lower one thanks to 4 Aria Materia floating feet, implementing spheres made of steel, magnets and obviously the compound.

The lower layer is fixed to the Aria materia audio stand, but it could be realized as a stand alone unit.

The present ad is for the whole system, but we'll be happy to supply just the Ariamateria Plinth.

We have the original packaging of the turntable  (Audio Grail), the Cartridge and the tonearm.

Everything is new (turntable restored new), but used few hours (minutes) in our showroom. 

Please watch the YouTube video for the full presentation of the project:

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