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STAX SR-L700 SRM-006tS


- €

Stax Electrostatic system including:
* SR-L700 advanced-Lambda series Earspeaker (Electrostatic headphone)
* SRM-006tS Energizer (Electrostatic headphone amplifier): features two 6FQ7/6CG7 dual-triode valves, three inputs (one XLR and two RCAs), and can be used to power one or two sets of Earspeakers)
* SRE-925S 2.5m Silver extension cable for STAX headphones
* HPS-2 Natural Wood Headphone Stand
* CPC-1 Transparent protective hood

In excellent conditions, both aesthetically and functionally. The owner took religious care of them and I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from a new system, except perhaps for a little bit of dust. Everything comes with original boxing.

Bought in May 2016
List price in 2016 3745EUR (scan of price list available)

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