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Ultrasound Alias


- €

[...] The Alias is a mid-sized 28 liters bookshelf with a front-firing reflex port and a cabinet made out of solid Italian walnut. The front grid is a necessary part of the loudspeaker so it shouldn't be removed during listening.

The Alias is equipped with a 1" silk tweeter and a strange 20 cm (8") woofer and there's NO CROSSOVER, except a high-value cap on the tweeter (which, according to the designer, doesn't work as a frequency filter...).

The rear panel is sloping so to minimize stationary waves inside the box, which is totally empty: no damping stuff...just pure walnut.

The designer says that even the vibrations of the cabinet have been taken into account in order to optimize the tonal balance of the whole loudspeaker.

Four cool-looking reasonably-spaced binding posts allow an easy biwiring connection. [...] [excerpt from TNT-Audio review]

The Ultrasound Alias, made in Italy, are aestetically in more than good conditions and in flawless working order. 

In our opinion, for the asking price, they are worth of consideration, they sound and look very good.

We didn't remove the dust cover because it's glued to the cabinet.

We don't have the original packaging so local pick up recommended (shipping still possible, but some time needed for creating the packaging).

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