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Whest PS.30RDT Special Edition


- €

The unit is in pretty good aesthetic condition and perfectly working, but unfortunately the original packaging is not available.

From the catalog:

"The culmination of 3 years research and development has lead us to the completion of a new, fully discrete bipolar transistor input stage capable of noise levels as low as the very best opamps in the world. The PS.30RDT special edition is the first product in the Whest program to benefit from these new modules. We have taken the basic essence of the PS.30RDT and added new ClarityCaps capacitors, updated RIAA filter capacitors, reworked the power supply section as well as added the new DBPM (discrete bipolar module). The increase in audio resolution, broadband signal power, soundstage and realism is simply astounding, taking the PS.30RDT to it’s final conclusion. The standard PS.30RDT won a ‘Most Wanted Product 2009’ in the USA....what will they say about this?!


The new DBPM has the ability to handle ultra low output cartridges with ease with no input transformers. The ability to be free of input transformers means the tiny and delicate signal from your cartridge does not have to ‘drive’ meters of coil wire which degrades the signal adding unwanted harmonics to the final output. With the PS.30RDT special edition the signal is now amplified instantly in the DBPM. Because the signal is amplified instantly, the conversion process to the RIAA filter can happen a lot sooner and faster. The signal path has been ‘trimmed’ in the PS.30RDT special edition to maximise the benefits of the DBPM.

The end result is a magnificent phono stage that is capable of showing you just what your vinyl collection sounds like. From the ultra low noise inky black background to the absolutely unsurpassed soundstage, the PS.30RDT SE is the standard against which all other phono stages will be measured."

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